All natural soap is becoming more popular, even if it is a more expensive option than the run-of-the-mill products. Often, people find the all natural soap is better for their skin. Their skin is healthier and has fewer irritations.

Soap is not necessarily hard to make. Sometimes all you need is the right DIY soap making instructions. I don’t mean a paper manual that makes you try to decipher the meaning of the pictures. What I am referring to is a YouTube soap making tutorial created by a soap making company – people who know how to do it right.

So, I had a look on YouTube, naturally, because it’s probably the best place to find one. It just so happens that the Round Rock Soap Company, a business that specializes in making these products, uploaded a video exactly for this purpose – to show you how to make soap that not only looks pretty but that you can use not only for yourself but that you can make into perfect gifts.

If you are interested, have a look. Even if you are a beginner, this can help. 🙂


Hope you enjoyed this diy video tutorial on soap making. If you want more of these, check out Round Rock Soap Company on YouTube.