Treats, Gifts, and More

The place to find diy ideas, recipes, pics, and videos for every time of year



Treats, Gifts, and More is all about spreading around great ideas, recipes, and various other things you may need throughout the year. I have a small business and I have done a lot of research into various DIY projects over time. I want to share some of this with you as well as other things that I discover.

This blog is meant to be for fun and to offer you something useful. My hope is to keep the blog posts on foods and crafts fairly simple. Doing something DIY that turns out awesome doesn’t have to be complex. Sometimes you will find that the simplest projects turn out to be the most beautiful.

Thanks for visiting this little blog and hope you enjoy checking out the posts on crafts, recipes, and more, as much as I enjoy putting them up. 🙂


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