Halloween parties and other types of social gatherings vary like you wouldn’t believe. Some have themes and some don’t. Whatever the case, there is something that each of these has in common – the food.

Most Halloween parties and celebrations have food, whether simple snacks or full on meals.

Here’s a look at some great options for snacks. Not all are things that you can make at home. I added some common Halloween candy because they make the snack table colorful and they are nice for kids of all ages to pick up and eat without needing a napkin.


The spider web Halloween cake takes a bit of precision but it makes a great feature for dessert or any snack table. You only need a flat cake with some white frosting as a base. The black frosting doesn’t have to be as precise as this case. Real spider webs are varied so your cake can be as well!



These little goodies can be made of basically anything you have. If you have some cake, cut it into rectangles and cover them with chocolate. If it’s easier, make the cake, cover in orange and brown chocolate, then cut it.

You don’t have to use cake. You can use cookies, regular chocolate, marshmallows, and so on. The real key is to make them look orange and brown to keep with the Halloween theme. Add some spiders or other Halloween shaped items.



This beautiful Halloween cake requires some time and effort. The fondant is layered with a lot of precision but it worked out very well.


You can make these with chocolate, marshmallows or pieces of cake. The trick is to melt the white and orange colored chocolate and then dip the item. You can place the decorative icing or chocolate on after the first layer of chocolate is dry.


These are possibly the easiest part of any snack or candy table at a Halloween social gathering. You can get these gummy candies at a bulk food store or the dollar store in some cases. There are probably other kinds you can find as well. These Halloween gummy candies are fun for people of any age. If you suspect there will be diabetics present, you can check out the sugar-free kinds too.


These are just a handful of great Halloween 2016 treats for parties or other types of social gatherings. If you have any more to share, leave a comment and let us know! 🙂