Gluten free baking has never been so easy. Several years ago, it was difficult to find tasty gluten free products. In some places, it still is, especially when you don’t want to spend a fortune.

Then came Bob’s Red Mill… This is possibly the best source of gluten free baking mixes ever and the price is far more reasonable than most pre-made items.


If you or someone you love is on the gluten free diet, you are highly recommended to check out Bob’s Red Mill products. There are many different kinds available, and I’ve tried most of them.

Some of my favorites include the Brownie Mix and the Vanilla Cake Mix. However, there are many more options that are awesome too.

  • Biscuit and Baking Mix (can be substituted for other flours)
  • All Purpose Flour Mix (can be substituted for other flours)
  • Corn Meal Cake Mix
  • Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal Mix
  • Pizza Dough Mix
  • Whole Grain Oats (make sure it’s marked gluten free because they have a few kinds)
  • Garbanzo and Fava Flour
  • Bread Mix


There are more than these but this gives you a good idea of what is available. There are instructions on how to use the items and recipes. The recipes included are quite helpful to get you started.

Bob’s Red Mill gluten free baking mixes really do make baking easy for anyone. They also make the end result quite┬átasty with a nice texture. These are the best mixes that I have come across and hope you enjoy them too!