Making and selling crafts as a part-time or full-time home business can be a lot of fun. Yes, there’s a lot of work. No, you can’t really sit around in your pajamas all day like some people would have you believe. But, there are a lot of perks.


So, say you have crafts that you make and would like to sell them. Now you need to know where to set up shop. There are many places where you can sell crafts online. I have probably tried most of them at some point lol.

Here’s a look at some great options.,, etc.

Sure there are some scams, but there are people making a living selling their items on Ebay. You need to know the cost of shipping for your products based on the destinations but you can choose where you want to sell these items, whether only in your own country, in a few, or all of them. Ebay does have some tools to help you with this.

There is a small fee for each item you sell – 10% of the selling price and the shipping fees you charge. If you are adding PayPal as a payment option, they charge 2.9 percent of this cost plus $0.30. There may be other fees involved as well.

Like Ebay, you can sell crafts or the supplies to make crafts. However, you are not permitted to sell anything and everything. If you are majoring in crafts, you should be okay.

There is a $0.20 USD fee for each posting and this lasts for 4 months. You can relist the product once the posting expires. You are paid by Etsy right into your bank account, thus you don’t have to deal with PayPal fees.


This is a place that allows you to create your own online store for a fee. It is a monthly fee so I would advise you to only start up if you are serious about doing some marketing.

There are different packages available from Shopify, starting with the very basics. This is great for small-time sellers that may want to expand later on. If you already have a business and a website, you may want something a little more complex.

I’m not as familiar with this site as the others as I haven’t tried it. However, it has excellent ratings so far. Like Shopify, you have the chance to start up your own store. The major difference is that there are no monthly fees. Like Ebay, you pay according to what you sell.

The fees are about 3% of the selling price of the items you sell. You are only charged once you sell it. There may be PayPal fees if you choose this as a payment option.