There are a few different reasons why I am calling this the best DIY soap scrub bar ever. Obviously, I haven’t tried all of the products on the market or every recipe. A lot of DIY soap recipes are too complex for me to be bothered with. You have to buy things like lye or whatever else.

This recipe is so much easier. Actually, it’s not really a recipe as much as a list of ingredients because it is very flexible. Just a note, if you like a bubbly lather from soap, don’t read any further because this won’t give you that. It’s a wonderful exfoliating product that offers no lather, just a great result.

Of course, the flexibility is one reason why I classify it as the best exfoliant soap bar but here’s a look at others…

  1. The ingredients are those you may already have in your cupboards like I did in mine.
  2. It is very easy to make.
  3. It doesn’t take long to make.
  4. You can add virtually any scent you want or like.
  5. It moisturizes your skin and makes it feel great.

So, yes, those are the major points on this DIY exfoliating soap bar.

What ingredients do you need?


* Homemade coconut butter (place lots of coconut into your blender and blend it until it is a fairly smooth mixture, similar to butter. You will want some grit in there because that is what exfoliates the skin)

* Raw virgin coconut oil

* Essential oil of your choice (peppermint, lemon, orange, and lavender are great choices but there are plenty of others. Oils like peppermint are stronger, therefore requiring less to create a nice scent)

*Raw unpasteurized honey (this is optional but great for moisturizing the skin

Now, where to start…

  1. Make the coconut butter first. This might take up to 20 minutes to blend properly depending on the blender and the size of the coconut pieces.
  2. If you want to multitask, you can start melting the coconut oil with the essential oil on low heat while the blender is working. Otherwise, wait until the blender is done.
  3. Add the coconut butter to your coconut oil and essential oil blend. Blend well.
  4. At this point, you can add a small amount of raw unpasteurized honey. Notice I said a small amount. This is because if you add too much, it will melt and you will get also get quite sticky when using it.
  5. Mix the ingredients well and pour into a silicone mold or something that you can easily pop the soap out from.
  6. Let this mixture cool – you can put it in the fridge or freezer if you’d like but if you do, make sure the mixture is not in a glass container.
  7. When it is set, it is ready to use.

You probably have noticed that I did not put amounts of ingredients. This is because I make mine without a recipe. I use proportions instead because sometimes I simply don’t have particular amounts in my cupboard and I am sure that other people are the same way.

The proportions are as follows:

Coconut Butter: 4   Coconut Oil: 1   Essential Oil: according to your preferences

Honey: 0.25


Here’s an example

1 cup coconut butter

.25 cup coconut oil

orange essential oil (measure according to your preferences)

2 tsp honey (less for a firmer soap bar)

The honey is optional.

This is not a concrete recipe… it can be altered…

You can create something firmer or softer if you’d like. Coconut butter and oil harden at anything lower than room temperature. So if you want a harder bar of soap, add more of the coconut products or lessen the amount of honey.

If you like stronger scents, add more essential oil. Just be careful with the hot oils like peppermint. If you add cinnamon, only add a tiny bit. I made soap with this and I came out looking like I had a sunburn on my face. It felt like it too!

The color of the final product depends on the kinds and exact proportions of ingredients you add as well as the type of essential oil.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up a bit


Use some creativity. Mix up some essential oils to create various fragrances. Try out different silicone molds to make some cool shapes… The soap ingredients are so flexible that you can create all sorts of recipes from these base ingredients.

Please note: there are no bubbling agents so you will not get a lather using the final product. BUT you will have awesome feeling skin.