Selling products on EBay and making a living at it has become the goal of many. However, some people focus on selling finished products. They might make jewelry, candy, or other goods to sell.

These products may sell very well for some people. Buuuut, selling finished products on EBay isn’t for everyone. This doesn’t mean that you can’t sell something else.


If you know about a craft and understand the materials used to make certain items, you may want to think about this aspect. Other people make crafts and they need supplies. Not every locality has the materials readily available… believe me on this one, I speak from experience lol!

It is possible to buy items from wholesalers and sell at lower quantities for a profit. Yes, that includes the shipping. In fact, you may decide to sell in larger quantities as well.


I’ve actually had success with both… selling items in small quantities and in large quantities. The profit margin ranges depending on the product. You need to be careful with the shipping costs but there is great potential for profit for such a home business.

If you have an interest in a certain area and know about the materials involved, go ahead and check them out. Research the products, their availability, weights, and prices. There is some time involved but it can really be worthwhile if you are serious about your entrepreneurial endeavors on EBay.