Strawberry fudge takes a lot of different forms. It can be eaten as a single layer as just one type of fudge. It may be added as a layer on another kind of fudge like milk chocolate. Whatever the case, you need to find the right type of flavoring to make it.

There are liquid flavorings available. LorAnn Oils makes a great form of strawberry flavor. However, even with the super strength kind, you need a significant amount with the fudge recipe that uses white chocolate to make it taste like strawberry.

This is the original reason why I went searching for something else to flavor fudge. I tried the liquid but I had to add so much that the fudge started to take on a chemical taste. I started looking elsewhere.

I tried both the strawberry Kool-Aid and the strawberry Jello powder. There were some distinct differences.

*Jello gives the nice rounded strawberry flavor whereas Kool-Aid adds a tart taste without nearly as much of the fruitiness.

*Jello adds less color and makes it look like a more natural strawberry flavoring. Kool-Aid makes the fudge bright red. There is a lot of color added into the powder.

While there are only two differences, they make a major variation in the final result. If you are looking for a strawberry flavor that is more like the taste of the ice cream, Jello is the answer.