I love donuts. BUT, back several years ago, I was diagnosed having an intolerance to gluten. Sooo, on the gluten free diet I went. There weren’t many gluten free food options around back then. Thankfully, there are more now.

However, there’s something I noticed in the past several months. Last year, the stores here had two or three types of gluten free donuts available. Now, there aren’t any within a hundred mile radius. Needless to say, I was disappointed. Big Time.

But all is not lost… why? Because awhile ago some geniuses invented donut makers that are meant to be used at home.

In fact, there are a few different types – those that make regular sized donuts, those that create the mini donuts, and of course, the kind that bakes the donut holes – all of which are easy to use.


You can make the donut batter from scratch. I find it easier to use the gluten free cake mixes because most recipes require at least a few different types of flours. It’s possible to find the mixes for a reasonable price, especially when they are on sale.

Whatever you choose, you can make the batter while the donut maker is heating up. Just fill up the spaces in the donut maker as instructed and cook based on the directions given. it usually only takes a few minutes for the smaller donuts and donut holes.

Of course, before you ice and decorate these items, let them cool off. If not, you’ll end up with a sweet and sticky mess on and around the donut. If you have thinner frosting that sets hard, dipping the donuts in the mix may be better. Otherwise, you may want to use a frosting knife.


There are plenty of frosting recipes you can use but there are also canned frostings. Betty Crocker and a few others are gluten free. There’s also a number of types of decorations available. Sprinkles, candies, nuts and more are available and are gluten free. Do be sure to check the ingredients list before using any of them.

***As a side note, you don’t have to stick with vanilla. There are now chocolate, cinnamon, brownie, and all sorts of other mixes available. You can add almost any type of spice or flavoring if making the batter from scratch.


The best thing about these donuts is how versatile they are. You are probably well aware that these items are consumed for breakfast, desserts, snacks, and virtually any other meal during the day. There are other uses too.

You don’t have to leave these goodies at home. Why not spread the tasty goodness? Check out these ideas…

  • Bring them to social gatherings to share as a dessert;
  • Sell them at craft fairs and flea markets;
  • Give them as gifts for various occasions including Christmas, New Years, and more.

There is one more photo I’d like to add. This picture is of the donut holes. It’s just to show another use for them in terms of special events whether birthday parties or craft fairs.


There are literally many ways of decorating the donut holes when they are made into cake pops. Perhaps in another post I will have more to show. Above is a picture of just a few examples of how they can be decorated.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If so, please like and share it with your friends. Perhaps they will enjoy some gluten free donuts and cake pops as well! 🙂