I’m not exactly a wizard with wedding favors, but that is possibly why I love these ideas so much. These diy projects don’t take a lot of time, they are fairly inexpensive, and can be a lot of fun. Children can help you with them, which if you are planning for a wedding, you might want to take advantage of.

So here are a few ideas for diy wedding favors to think about.


Above is a simple but attractive organza bag. It has a drawstring at the top as a closure. It’s very easy to place a little thank you card for your guests inside of the bag as well as a few candies. There are so many little treats available to place in these organza bags. To cut down on costs, it’s possible to buy the organza bags from the dollar store or from eBay. Sometimes, they average out to about 10 cents per bag. I did include a few images of candies that might be suitable for these favours.


Chocolates are fairly common and are readily accessible at the general department store, bulk food stores, and online. The price ranges greatly depending on what you choose.


Candy like the photo above can be a great option. The brand Treble offers large bags of wrapped candy plus they are sold at bulk food stores.

I’m sure you get the point – there are loads of candies to choose from. Moving on, there is another type of favor that I thought you might be interested in. This is a cone shaped bag. It can be found made from plastic, organza or other materials. As seen below, it’s possible to place cards in them before pouring in the treats.


Wedding favors like these can be a lot of fun to make and you don’t have to be a diy expert to make them. If you are, then even better. The best part is, they look beautiful and unique without costing a fortune.