Welcome to Treats, Gifts, and More. This is a blog where my aim is to provide great diy ideas, recipes, and other such things that can be used throughout the year. My goal is to keep things fairly simple. Crafts, whether edible or decorative can be easy even for a beginner. They can be beautiful.

I love crafts. I love baking and cooking. However, when I started out, I found that the more complex items made me feel discouraged. Soooo, at first I gave up on everything…. then I figured out that there are plenty of simpler tasks that I could start to make instead. The materials are inexpensive and when put together, they make lovely gifts.

Of course, some of these projects can be made and sold at crafts fairs, flea market, and other similar events. If you want to start creating your own gifts or income, have a browse through the posts. They can make a great way to create a home business venture.

I hope you enjoy this little blog and all the best with your crafting! 🙂