Jellybeans and fudge actually do taste really good together. However, I found out first hand that all those blogs with the beautiful pictures of jellybean fudge might not be telling the whole truth. Yes, there’s a story behind my discovery but that I’ll save for another day.

So from my experimental research, I’ll call it, this is what I found out lol.

Stovetop recipes are generally too hot for adding the candy right away. If you do, the jelly beans melt and make a hot colorful mess. On top of that, the fudge won’t set properly. You need to wait until the mix has cooled down a bit. In which case, constant stirring while you wait is required… or the fudge will start to set.

For this reason, I’d recommend that you try the microwave version of fudge. The white chocolate and condensed milk do not become as hot. Plus, the fudge doesn’t tend to set as quickly. As a result, you can add the jelly beans in without the mess.

The final attempt, I actually stuck to my stovetop recipe, simply adding a layer of jelly beans in between. It does taste really good. I tried it with the milk chocolate fudge and the white chocolate fudge. Both turned out quite well when adding the jellybeans in between the layers of fudge.

So why the disaster? Well aside from the hot colorful mess, there’s also something else I discovered that none of the articles I checked actually mentioned – the shelf life.

Fudge shelf life can be up to a few months if it is stored properly. However, when there are sugary jellybeans on top that suck in the moisture of the fudge and the air – yeah, it doesn’t look so great. I had to take some of the jelly bean fudge off store shelves because of this.

My advice? Don’t place the jelly beans on top until you plan on eating it. If you are selling it, the same thing if possible unless you can find a way for the candies not to melt, go soggy, suck in the surrounding moisture, and so on. If you do, please, let me know!! đŸ˜€

Hope you found this post somewhat useful and enjoy your tryouts with jellybean fudge. When made and eaten within a short period of time, the results are fantastic!